Saturday, November 05, 2005

Things I need to get sometime soon (yeah cause I am broke, yo)

I need a nice apron for working at craft fairs...something like .....

Love the colors and the vintagey fabric

or something like this....(but with pockets)

I am also in desperate ned of needle cases...

they have to be able to hold a few LARGE sets at least, as I have a bunch of 19's, 17's, 15's...I think the smallest needles I currently own are 9.5 and they are LONG!

like this one

or the ones here on this page....the chinese silk ones, or heck any...

BUT you must scroll down and see the SHEEP measuring tape...the tape comes out the sheeps butt! HA!
I guess that will teach all those scots to keep it in their pants, after all why would a sheep need one coming out unless the ones who went before were a touch on the tiny side!!
Sorry sick scottish humor....

Anyway, these are more for my not losing these sites in the endless bookmarked spots as I really do need these soon, esp a few needle cases...

If I was not so sucky, I would sew some myself, but that is the last project I need to take on as I am trying to get the sewing machine and endless fabrics out of the dining room for the holidays!


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