Monday, January 09, 2006

busy busy mama...

Well I did it...klast night I registered and

I have been busy, making a bunch of stitch markers and knitting a bit, but mainly focusing on the embroidery.
I need to pick up some sulky stick on tear off stabilizer to work on the iffy fabrics more....

I also need to stop and focus on some stuff before worrying about the hosting, this way the finances don't get wasted on a site that says, hang on under construction, and only launch once we are really ready to go live with lotrs of stock...

Also need to find a great blogging template for my personal site and a designer willing to hook a gal up.

The business cards are being taken care of, just need the logo or similar logo in adobe for the designer to hook that up for me!

Oh this is getting exciting, but I rather take the time to do it right then rush and never be truly ever caught up...


  • congrats! can't wait to see the sites!

    By Anonymous michaele, at 5:27 PM  

  • Thanks so much...I am sure I will scream from the rooftops when they are done!

    And you read me?

    I have only had one weirdo read me and then the spammers....

    Thank you, this makes me feel good, someone actually read me!
    My life is worth blogging after all!!!

    By Blogger melissaamy, at 3:19 PM  

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