Wednesday, November 09, 2005


thy name is Blogger.

I know, I am being naughty, but school is really crunching in on my crafty time this week and what with D finally coming home tomorrow and a MAJOR presentation done as a group (I am in charge of the whole thing and had two of the 6 of us away unti TONIGHT) it has been really hard.

I am working really hard on keeping it all together, BUT this weekend there WILL be knitty things going on.
I have coordinated the 5 stitch marker swap groups, got each 6 in baggies with all their parts, this weekend all I have to do is get the pliers and twistem up, then ship them out!

That is about all I am going to try to do this weekend!
Since the husband is finally home after being away for 32 days, I seem to have no secret pal, school being totally insane with the sheer volume of homework I need to do on a regular basis, AND having the child with me all the time.
I promise I will do craftyness this weekend, why? Because I NEED to! Plus next weeks school load is lighter, so it won't be so bad.

Now back to my homework and coordinating this presentation tomorrow and finish some statistics for sociological research AND finsih my writing assignment for Modern World.
Off to cut cat puke off my texkbok so I can read for tomorrow (hey it is better then rebuying another 80 dollar text!)

I promise blog, you and me, jsut you and me and some crafts soon...


  • Hi, just a quick note from your International Scarf Exchange secret pal. I've read your survey, ordered the yarn and just about decided on the pattern. Not to tease you or anything!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:59 PM  

  • YAY! you are so cool!
    Sorry for the delay in response, I am beyond totally swamped, BUT that is changing!
    I am getting busy too and will finally get in touch my pal as well and get caught up on my crafting!
    Have fun making it, that is the most important thing!

    By Blogger melissaamy, at 11:12 PM  

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