Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lots of blathering on on a nasty day

I am getting the most amazing special delivery from Japan soon! A package of Cherry flavored KitKats from a woman I have met on moblog.

She is so sweet and I am so excted, so now I am working on getting her a box of US stuff to travel over the seas to her!

It has a secondary meaning because her cat is named Cherry, and he is, quite possibly, the most camera friendly cat EVER!

She photographs him all the time, and he is so expressive.
Also, D asked me where I put the manila folders since the big new desk move. I thought I found them and opened a folder box and what do I find? MY ADDRESS BOOK!

I have been looking for it for a few years now. I always knew it was around but never knew where. Problem solved as the other contents of the box were thank you cards from the wedding and cards given to us for the wedding. I knew that was when I last saw them, but no clue why I put them all in a manilla folder box!

Anyway, sadly so many addresses have changed, but many I have needed have not, so I see my new weekend project!

Ok I have a hair appt and I have to plan a time to hit NYC to pick up the Burberry bag from being repaired. Crap speaking of purses, I need to head to Morristown to drop off my two Coach Suedes that need to be cleaned desperately.

Oh and it looks like a shite day...cold, misting heavily and a real chill to it. Nasty, does not feel like mid-afternoon...


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