Friday, April 29, 2005

Cleanin' up and releasing old ghosts...

Posting more stuff to ebay during the huge cleansing of home and head '05I am borrowing my brother's cam to take pics and get as much out of here as possible.

I talked to my mom about this neat new HP printer/scanner picture thing and she offered to get it for me for a mother's day gift, but since my cam is dead it is a rather moot point.

So I spoke to D about me selling off junk and buying a new digi cam with it and he said how it would be a great idea for him and Juju to buy me one for mother's day and let my mom buy me a printer for whatever kind I want...

We are going tomorrow to look at this 5 mp kodak and if we are not happy witht he prices we find, we will probably go witht he 4 mp one. We looked at HP and Cannon, but for comprable stuff, we can get the kodak and I am pretty happy with the decision.

I have a paper to write and two presentations to prepare this weekend as well as catching up on my massive sociology homework and finish up all my stats labs and quizes in prep for the end of the semester.

The following weekend I will need to prep the rapist presentation and get my sch all settled and pay for my fees to hold my spot and laptop....

I really need to make myself to to do lists. I used to do them, but would always forget where they were or to take them with me.....

I so need to get more organized and get this place in shape again...I want my dining/craft room back from being a storage/garbage dump!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Golfing husband alert!!! Finally!!!

So D and I hit the driving range the other day.

My shots with the 5 iron should be envied by those far and wide...averaged 125-150 yards straight down the middle with nice long bounce and rolls.

I was using a brandy new Taylor Made tungeston which is taking some getting used to, but was going ok, then I pull out the ole Big Bertha (Biggest Big Bertha 9.5) and three shots in (and not one hitting the nasty driving turf) the shaft shattered.

The head went over 60 yards! Nice clean shot too, as the ball went just ynder 200!

They retrieved the head for me yesterday so I can have it sent back to calloway.

I am just s happy D is taking up golf, so now I have someone to go with!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Rcokin' the french toes....

pedicures rock with the french on the toes yo...

and I had my gels taken off, told Ha a silly excuse, did not want to hurt her feelings, but the pink was looking crunchy and speckely...

so she took them off, which is nice, they need a rest anyway!

but damn my foots look purrty!