Sunday, October 30, 2005

Opera scarf pattern....for my own reference

Cast on 23. Knit one, slip one purlwise, yo, k2tog, and do that till the last stitch in which you knit. Repeat.

found a shop that looks promising for spinning AND knitting equally

In order to distract myself I was searching for a spinning/knitting shop. One that combines both of them and not have a ton of one and a few of the other.
I found this place The Lambs Wool in Lansdale, PA

Leah lives there and Rho is not too far. Maybe a winter trip there will make me feel better when the days are shot and it is cold and classes are killing me.

Maybe I can do a loop of sorts between there and
Jubili Beads and Yarns
Will see how much money I get for Christmas, after all, if I am going to hit these two spots I will need a bit o cash!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Updating Knitting blogs and stuff

So I updated the links and the design today.
I added many blogs that I read often, and others I found today.

I was supposed to be studying. I have church tomorrow morning, but I will not attend tomorrow morning and study. I will spend the rest of the night studying a few of the cases I need to know.

Later tonight I will also try to get back onto the uber soft merino thingy! That is the best way to describe it, thingy. It is a super skinny scarf that roles over so it looks like a tube of pretty colored softness...

Oh tonight is also Eastenders night. 4 solid hours of it. Sonia has her suprise baby!!!

I joined the International Scarf Exchange. Maybe I will get lucky and get someone from the UK! LOL, make them an Eastenders scarf. I can spin and knit exclusivly during episodes of Eastenders!

I am hoping I can get my spinning skills strong enough to actually spin the yarn for my scarf.
If not, I may be tempted to do this one

It is so pretty and I think I have the yarn for it. I willl have torun to booton to pick up another two skeins if not, but heck the yarn I am thinking of would look amazing done as the Irish Hiking Scarf!

Ok, must get to studying, and maybe a little ice cream as a reward if I can get through two cases tonight!


I know I have neglected this journal.

A part of the problem is I have an LJ and a lot has been going on in my life, dad's surgery, having to put Chancie to sleep, massive piles of homework and studying...midterms starting much I feel like I am drowning.

Due to feeling like I need to cut crap from my life, my LiveJournal is friends only (meaning someone needs to join LJ and I have to add them to my friends list so they can even read my stuff).
I post personal stuff there and have deicede this needs ot be my craffting journal only.

I will probably post personal stuff, but due to the ease folks have of doing blog searches, not too much private info will be released here.

If you want to join me on LJ to read about my life, feel free.
it is located at
and my user info is at

I will try to keep up with what little crafts I have been busy making, but honetly, I cannot think straight right now, so I have been practicing purling like a mad woman, mainly because when I am exhausted is when I can focus on it and drown out the fact I h ave so much more I should be doing!

Anyway, I have two HUGE skeins of yarn (I am talking one is listed at 2 WPI on 15's, but I will be knitting it on 19's) that will be balled and knitted soon.
The hubby wanted me to knit scarves for his team at work, so I need to get busy doing that, I think I have to make 9 of them or so, two for women.
I have some great Japanese yarn I purchased a few weeks ago for Kathy's (hubby's team leader) scarf because I saw it and just knew it was for her.

Ok have to run, constitutional law midterm is early monday and I need to study, seriously study!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Note from my Secret Pal!

My Secret Pal sent me anote. It said that I should expect to start being spoiled between the 1-15th, then after the 20th!


I love so many things pal, wooden needles, funky natural yarns (big bulky and handspun/handpainted are my types)

I like big yarn and big needles! I prefer my yarns in at least 120 yards.

humm not sure what else to say, I have never used a pattern, but I am sure I will one day.
I am trying to diet so trying to avoid candy, but hey I can be tempted.

Oh if this gives you any kind of ideas, I love retro, funky stuff. I love sublime stitching stuff for example (embroidery), I also LOVE martha stweart. the colors and styles she them!

I love autumn colors and earthy tones and such...

I am also a big lover of sex and the city! I do own Jimmy choos and designer bags! LOL!!!