Friday, May 27, 2005

Mismatching is so IN this season!!!

Apparently Def Lepard and Bryan Adams are touring together.

Yes has happened...those bands from the 1980's that the parents were terrified of have come full circle by joining pop icon Adams in a summer tour.

Wait, it gets better.

In a turn to show us just how far society has progressed music wise....a band my parents would not let me go to as a teenager (DL) has a special offer for thsoe coming to the combo tour...parents who buy a ticket get a kids ticket free!

So now it is bring the kids for a great show and a lil Pour Some Sugar on Me action!
Funny this...watching them on Today Show and all the 30-40 something women out there screaming their heads off for the guys while the lead singer is in leather pants, just instead of being a 28" waist, he is wearing a 36" and the pants are NEW, not worn for the entire tour and peeled off of him before they meld into his skin.

This is just too freaking weird...kind of like seeing Motley Crue on VH1 for the first time and realizing I really am older then my mind thinks I am!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Busy eBaying my junk away!!

Sorry all those who messaged who I either missed or chatted ever too briefly with today. I have been an ebay posting queen!

Since it is 10 cent day, I have been posting so much stuff!

Purge '05 going strong!!!

Also, I happened to find a handpainted/handspun yarn site with stunning and reasonably priced yarns for 6-8 per 135 yards each!!!

I am so happy, no more paying way too much on ebay, unless of course it is something I just cannot resist!

It feels so good to get this stuff off, and one has a bid now as well! One that really needs to go.
We also went out to dinner tongiht. I have been craving a big ole red meat slab for a bit and while I never have liked the look of prime rib, I had a piece tonight that was so good! It was nice to go out, Juju was such a great girl and D and I had some really great deep and heart to heart talks about what we see ourselves doing.

We are on the same path together. I so love my husband and I have noticed we only get stronger and happier as time goes on.

We are really looking forward to NC this weekend and the upcoming family events and VT 4th of July week. We know we will stay for at least a week starting at least the Thursday before until whenever we decide to come home over a week later.

Ok, have a few more things to do and post then bed...tomorrow is a busy day as I need to do laundry, pack, get the car together and organized for the packed stuff and Juju's comfy backseat theater!

Hvae a good night all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back to the purge!

Finals are over!!! As is the semester. I was able to register yesterday for every class except for one, but I have all summer to get it singed off on, then I graduate!!!! Finally!!!

My soc homework and final was done. Farrah, the soc professor, and I talked a little bit about some of my final answers, and she LOVED that I defined structural functionalism using the Hokey Pokey. She is now going to use that in her teachings to define what it is! YAY!!!

We had a great night last night as Julia went out and used her sidewalk chalk to draw us some castles! She will be going out later today when she gets home to make more!

The Brit-Fed show is on tongiht! Chaotic, oh how much fun this will be.
I just saw the Ellen show with the Brit_Fed on it. Ellen said she is the godmother now?????
I know Brit asked her idol, Madonna, but she said she does not have the time (guess Madonna has decided to sepreate herself from the trash).

So anyway, Brit was wearing the billowy shirt that is printed but transparent and shorts or something on under it but it was way to short to see. The sleeves were long and it just looked like something out of the mid 90's that one of those female glasses wearing guitar playing singers would wear with biker shorts on their one and only MTV video.
She wore this with, brace yourselves for you will probably wnat to vomit or scream, cowboy boots.

Yes people, apparently though the girl has never lived in a trailer, she truly is a piece of trailer trash. I think it is funny that some people can have so much money, yet slum it so hard. But one thing, she appears very happy. He,well, it is hard to tell if that is a smile of bliss love, or hit the multimillion dollar jackpot.

This reminds me, I really thought I couldn't stand soc. I learned something that is really important, sometimes gestures or the way things are said says way more then what is really said.
Now I know this, but it was funny, yesterday I was working on just getting the projects done and out of the way when I was working on Weber or Mead, and reading about their gestures and theories on dialectics and so on, when it really hits home about someone...
Yeah, that kind of feeling. Had it already, but this rather, well, solidified it....

but, funny enough, it doesn't really matter! We are having such a good time in this household, that I am really happier nwo then I have been in a long while.
I am at a great place in my life.
Many people have no idea about me. The effing agoraphobia, the panic attackes, the massive depression bouts I have from time to time that last months.
I feel like I have found my groove in house and such. Being married was one thing, and living together was another, but now that we have been married for a bit, it is like we have found our place. I know I am struggleing to describe it, but it really is great.

I am really looking forward to heading to NC and seeing Chad and Stacy. It will be such a refief to see folks who are doing good for themselves. They are participating in a Relay for Life this weekend. I am so proud of them for doing it.

We have many plans for this summer, including all kinds of family parites for graduations and going aways and health for former cancer patient.

Now off to clean and get this place going again, the finals thing put a dmaper on the purge for a bit, but bacl to work and today is 10 cent lisitng day on eBay!!!

Have a good one everybody!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dude, Where's My White Castle?

Watching Dude, Where's My Car, and they are at the Chinese drive threw scene and made me think what I want for dinner.

D calls at almost this very second. I was thinking of making terriaki stir fry chicken, but he was going to pick us up some wings from Bobalou's and grilled cheese with fries for Juju. We hung up and it hit me, we have a White Castle locally now in Roxbury.

I called him right back and he answers, I suggest White Castle and his boss, who is riding with him had suggested it right after he got off the phone with me! Seems she really is his work wife, LOL!!!

So now he is going to be calling me when he gets to White Castle (which I have not had any real White Castle in years) so I can make Juju's order and my own....

I am way to excited and my stomach is already preparing for the onslaught of nastyness that will be here in about an hour....

oh how the stomach is already churning!!!

Saturday is apparently Slackerday!

Not so much got done yesterday.

It was the day of much TV and much slacking off.

I watched the first half of season 6 of Sex and the City and Shrek and Shrek 2 with Juju. She and I spent much time playing, talking and just hanging out in general. It was a great day.

Lee came over and picked us up some cheese pizza. D was at work for a large part of the day, so we ate pizza and hung out until D got home about 10 or so. Juju went to sleep and Lee and D talked for a while, then off to bed. After not getting to much sleep the night before, D and I went off quickly.

D had to work today, early, so he was gone when I got up about 8 or 8:30. Made waffles for Juju and I had coffee.

I have had a four pack of Red Bull in the frig (or as Juju calls it, the figolator) for a while and today I decided to try it. Ok while it tastes really nasty, it is small enough and not really carbonated so it goes down fast and almost painlessly. I can feel it now. It is one of the only energy drinks I have found that I can actually drink. Most make me sick, like I am having an anxiety attack and my heart races. Every one that bugs me has listed an ingediant called taurine or some such, on the list. I did not see this on them when they were on sale, so I figured what the heck, try it. So far so good...heart feels fine...and not overloaded jittery feeling as of now either.

I am currently watching Entourage on HBO in Demand, which seems intersting enough....if that is what Hollywood is like to be an actor and friends in the industry, no thanks....

Chatted with Stacy a little bit last night. On the way to NC Thursday we will stop off at their place for the night and hang out a bit, even go to Chucky Cheese (stacy's idea, not mine, as I would never ask to put someone with no children in that situation, but she said they have DDR!!!)! Julia is so excited to see them again, and then I told her about Chucky and she was over the moon!

I love my husband and there is not much I would not do for him, but this weekend, I just have a bad feeling being near the scamming ex is going to be a weird weekend....

I need to get some stuff done and then settle in for a paper writing session like none other, but there are about 6 papers each about 2-3 pages being outlined, not technically written and they are based on questions provided by the professor as well as one which is a take home final.

Tomorrow is it! Finish with finals finally! Next weekend in NC, then after that maybe find a job full or part time for the sumemr so I can have a lil spending cash ont he side for me and D so we won't have to spend his so much and spend some quality time with Julia!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Getting stuff done!

Yesterday was the day of many chores! I got so much done!

I started the day by getting Juju up and ready to go for her dance class by 10. Her recitle is Wed the 18th, so this was their last practice.

I came home and proceeded with the rest of my day after having a long conversation with my dad. He and I have been tlaking more recently, and it is really nice.

I loaded up the futon frame and grabbed the books for the African Literacy project and headed out. Got to my parents, dropped off the futon frame in the attic and then headed to Centenary to drop off the books.

After that headed to Dunkin Donuts for a Med I ced Hazlenut coffee. Realized that I will no longer go there for my coffee's since the new mgr is an ass and they sit behind the counter and talk shit in Arabic. You can tell they are talking about people by watching their body language. I miss the old employees, they made my coffes perfect everytime, while these guys constantly screw them up. I told the guy med iced hazlenut coffee light with 4 sugars. He tried to hand me a hot coffee. So I said no, I asked for cold and he gave me a dirty look. I told him to just pour it over ice, but no, he had the new teen girl they just hired make me a new one. Everytime I have gone there they mess up the order now or they make it taste like (what I imagine) crap tp taste like.

Back to the I get home and wrap ebay stuff for the post office. Head over there and pick up new boxes for shipping, open the trunk and what do I see, but more stuff I forgot to drop off at my parents (mind you this is the trunk of the other car, I took the wagon with the futon frame, this is the tiny saturn and had some of jju's baby stuff we wanted to store and a bag of tops D is donating to charity). The car is also covered in a thinck layer of greenish gold pollen that has crusted on from the damp dew in the early am for the past three days. I go and get on the line for car wash (each slot had two cars lined up), so I cleaned the interior (not vaccumed, but got rid of the crap that earns my car the loving name of the dumpster car) and then finally washed the poor car.

Once home again, I loaded some more of Juju's old toys we wanted to keep for when she is older and the big bertha I broke at the driving range a few weeks ago and went back to my parents house along witht he bag of clothes for charity. I dropped the toys in the attic and headed tot he bank, then to the donation bins, then off to get Juju from school.

We have a deal, every Friday, if she is good at school all week and is good in her dance class, she gets a Happy Meal. So we stopped by McDonald's, go ther a meal and me a chicken sandwich. I ate a few of the fries and realized I really don't liek them anymore. Too greasy and salty for my taste now. Now fries made at a restaurant, like Bobalou's or Charlie Brown's are fine as they rarely add salt and are made on the spot.

After our dinner of fast foodyness, I proceeded to clean the portch. The rather huge box from the mannequin was still sitting on the portch so I filled it with random garbage and cigarette butts found around the grass. I emptied the flower box which held nothing but flower carcasses from last summer and refilled it with new soil and three potted gerbers. To red and one faint pink. I swept off the winters worth or rain mud, leaves, and run off mud that had caked on the concrete. I set up the table and got the deck table out and other homey goodness....felt really good.

I then moved inside and began the big mission of clearing out some of the stuff in the dining room. I pulled a few old magazines out, found some of D's books and put them on his new side table (converted church pew we got last summer at a great antique auction in VT).
D got home about 20 mins after Julia went to bed and it was so wonderful to have him home. Nothing makes me feel better then having him home and just us spending a night in bed watching TV, talking, and well....the rest is none of your business.....

This morning I got up about 8:30 and could not fall back asleep. I made some coffee and called my mom, we chatted for a while (she and my aunt are going to the beach for the day). D and Juju got up around 9 or 9:30 and I made a big breakfast! Scrambled eggs with cheese (American for Juju and Four cheese blend for D) with the yummy maple smoked bacon (thick cut) my mom had bought us from VT a bit ago (thanks modern technology for the freezer and smoked meat products that last for seemingly ever). I had two blueberry waffles (freezer kind, I may have been feeling utterly domestic this AM but not domestic enough to pull out the ole waffle iron and make some real homemade blueberry waffles with the frozen blueberry's in the freezer) with no butter or syrup and a few pieces of bacon. I could not resist the idea of yummy breakfast and trying not to kill myself with cholestrol as opposed to carbs....I choose carbs, harumph....

I have a bunch of stuff to get through today. I had these grand plans for laundry today, but I don't see that has happening. I have so much sociology homework to finish and the take home final to finish for Monday night. I also have three bananas that need to either be baked into a bread or tossed into the woods across the way for the skunks to nibble upon. I also need t finish that dining room this weekend and get through the cloths in my room and Juju's room for donation and sorting for storage (hers, we put up some of her clothes for her one day if she has a girl, the classic pieces). Spring cleaning is in full throws now so the purge must go on and I must rid myself of this stuff and get this place cleaned out....

purge, purge, purge.....

So D has to work today and I am home with Juju. I have many places I really wanted to be, but honestly, this really is the best place for me. Between school work and having that unsettled feeling that I have to clean this place, I really should get this done. The other night after I tried to focus on the stats work, but there was just so much disarry, I couldn't. I cleaned and organized and got everything tidyed up enough that by midnight, I was finally able to sit down and work on all those freaking problems. I finished at three and not only did I finsh, but got them all right! I went into the final the next day prepared but worried because even though I know about the formulas and how to use them, I cannot remember what they are when needed. I almost purged the notes the night before and NOT bring the books since it was the final, but I brought them all anyway out of habit. What a lucky chance. He let us have open book and notes exam! I am pretty sure I got an A.

Anyway, back to the day....

Tonight the new Britany and K-Fed show Chaotic. I need to watch this show as she dares the viewers, "Can you handle my truth?" What truth, she eats cheetos, is rich and proves that white trash has nothing to do with trailers, but rather attitude and you can be from a well off home and get super rich and get even more white trash the more rich one gets....I can't wait....

Also on the TV front today, America's Next Top Model is running a marathon, so they play every episode up til last weeks...this upcoming week is the final and I am hoping the one girl Naomi (or however you spell her name, she is the one with the fauxhawk) wins. As for other viewings today, I am watching some of the bgining of season six of Sex and the City. After last weeks viewings of the final two shows, I have a longing to watch them all now...

Next weekend we are leaving for a long weekend in North Carolina. It is D's daughter's graduation from high school and his parents are coming and we will be there with Juju and the ex wife with her husband, D's son and their half brother. It should be an oh so fun. I have not seen Jesse and Tonya since the one Christmas they came up. It was fabulous, we all had a great time, but they were not allowed back up here since then. My family loved having them here and treated them just like the other kids. But she did not like it and refused to let them come up again. So we have not seen them since Christmas 2001! So seeing them and his parents will be nice, but I see a weekend filled with ackward feelings and uncomfortable moments....

Sadly, the other day I never got around to listing a bunch of stuff on ebay for the flat fee day, so I will be doing them in bulk buy it now lots....maybe get that done tuesday or wednesday, before we go that way I can be back if any sell so I can ship them out without much delay.
Ok, I have spent hours doing things about the house and then coming and filling in here, so time to let you go faithful reader, as I barely have time to read anything besides school related things, why should I put you through this anymore then you already have been.....see you later!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

One down......

One final down and three more to go.I got my grades for forensic psych and excluding the final, sould be an A. Thoug her grading process kind of pissed me off. Apparently she sees herself being the grammer prof and not a forensic psych prof. She got me for two run on sentences...and funny on another girls paper she said how a better title would have made her grade higher...This is a freaking APA style research paper....not publishing materials.

Ok, so I am guilty of run ons, but that is not the point of this paper...funny how all the other criminal justice profs have issues with APA styling or content...she picked on everyones grammerical errors and not the contents of the paper themselves...seriously, since when did a forensic psych master's from John Jay give her the right to be critical of grammer issues...while totally skipping the content issues with virtually all papers...we all sat around outside after the final and compared papers to see if it was just us or if there was a theme here and seems there most defiantly was.

So anyway....tomorrow I have to get up early and finish my last Stats homework and the final is tomorrow at 2. Also I will be bringing some of my books in for sale, particularly the forensic psych, stats, and LAS ancient lit. The other two boks for deviance and sociological theory will have to wait until the exams monday are over.I cannot wait to get rid of all this stuff. As for now I cannot focus right now because my area is a mess as things are being shifted in and out and piles have accumulated here and it is driving me nuts. I am trying to get it out so I can focus on the homework tomorrow morning.

I also have to remember to make payments on my new CC, and my two dual subscriptions. So tomorrow I will pay 60 dollars for all of that.

Also, may be going out for the Ladies Karaoke night at Bobalou's! I love going and spending time with Emma, Charlie, and others!!!I wish D was here for the fun night, but every so often it is nice to go out without him....and this trip is nice because I know he is going to be home Friday night or Saturday the latest.

A big part of what I think I need to do is reorganize the seating area for me and the laptop...I think the hope computer needs to move into the dining room area and the laptop and the couch can move back, get a side table and put the accessories on it for the iPhoto cradel and the kodak cradel and printer. and then be able to keep all that stuff here and away fromt he other puter and open the living room area...maybe I will try that next week....

I need to remember to bring the futon frame to my parents soon so if I really do try to make a go of the dining room puter plan I will have the available room.

Oh and tomorrow is 10 cent flat rate fee on eBay listing fees on flat sales price..or however it is phrased. I have tons of stuff to list so I am going to try and get it done sometime tomorrow afternoon. I also have to hit the post office at some point and mail out a bunch of stuff I sold this week.

The other day I went to Barnes & Nobles and wanted to look into books on how to format a children's book for editor's and agent's, but instead of finding THE BOOK, cause they well all filled with way too much and not at all what I needed, I found an British book (in a US release, so while it is slightly changed, it is still true to its Brit version) about grammer and the common use and misuse of it.
It is called Eats, Shoots & Leaves and looks great! I cannot wait to start it next week.

Well, since I started this, hours have passed and my "area" has been somewhat organized. Time to try to do a bit of the stats work and get to bed....

Nighty night all.....sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Study? We don't need to stinkin' study..

And I am really pretending to study at this point...

I can't focus on forensic psych anymore....I stopped focusing on it weeks ago...I know I am getting an A, I do that, it is what I do...I will at least scan the half semesters notes I condensed a few weeks ago before presenting started....yeah right, I will scan them at 10:45 as I am waiting for my test to be handed to me....

As for what I am really doing, watching Deadliest Catch (which I became addicted to a few weeks ago when they ran the first few shows back to back).

I had a very good friend almost die in a fishing boat accident in Alaska. It is one of the most famous ones, leading to 9 men dying, sadly. Dale was the only one from his shift to survive because he was lucky enough that when the boat listed he was thrown into the hallway out the rooms door. After it went back the other way, all the rest of the crew was trapped due to oevr stocking the ship with boxes in the hallway.Everytime I think of Dale telling me that story, it makes me cry.He had a picture of the boat, the Aleutian Enterprise, on the wall of our apartment.

I asked him about it. He never told anyone the story before me.

He took out a picture album of clippings and photos and told me the story. It was the first time I ever saw a man cry.He was the only crew member to never sue as well. He took his settlement and used it, but would always invest the money, make his profit, then return the moeny to the acct. To him it was blood money.He almost froze to death in the water wearing a rusted zipepr survival suit. Apparently they changed regulations because of it.

I recently began speaking to a psychologist who specializes in malingering. he did a case study on the AE and how all of the survivors, except for one, claim PTSD. The one was Dale. He asked me to read his studies. He wrote a few well known trade articles about it. I am honored to read them, however, even though I was no where near knowing Dale when it happened, his tale of it haunts me. He and I never speak of it, nor the anniversary.

I talk to Dale about once a year or so and I love him to pieces, he really was there for me in so many ways. he taught me how to live when I was an 18 year old learning how to make my own way in the world.

Maybe this summer I will read the articles and give my feedback. Maybe ask my forensic psych to read them as well, she is very interested in malingering.

One of these days I have to write about Dale....he and I almost moved to Kuai, Hawaii together.

No he was never my boyfriend, just a brother to me and he wanted to teach me ways to make my way in the world while helping others....

I need to remember his lessons more often then I do...

Sex ReRuns....still make me cry

No matter how many times I see this final episode of Sex and the City, it makes me cry everytime...

Miranda taking care of Steve's mother.

Charlotte getting THE baby from China.

Samantha and Smith truly being in love and being only there for each other...

And Carrie, finally finding her love that was there the whole time.I have only been invested in a few shoes (yep, upon edit noticed the serious freudian slip, though makes perfect sense in my life as in the Sex reruns) like this in my whole life....

they are so a part of life that their emotions become the viewers emotions and my emotions

...and this show, well one day I am sitting down for an entire weekend at home and watching every one in order....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

oh oh eBay goodness....

I won the mannequin!!! to figure out if it is cheaper to go get it, or have him mail it to me!I am so excited about this I cannot even tell you....

Also got some yarns on bid and hope to get them here in the next week!Now since D is away for a few days (he may be home tomorrow, or Saturday, he has no idea right now) I get to knit all night long.

I have a final tomorrow, which will be beyond easy and an A for the semester. Thursday I have a final in Stats and will be going out to celebrate since my wonderful brother, Lee will be watching Juju so I can go out and enjoy Ladies night at my friends bar!

I have two finals next Monday, Deviance and Social Control during the day and Sociological Theory at night. Theory is a take home, but we have to attend and do a small problem in class....should not be too bad, she prefers abbreviated answers.

So I will celebrate finishing half of my finals on Thursday night (and if D is home maybe we can have a night out together, but we will have to see) and then have two more next week, which will not be bad at all...

Oh and in interesting news.....I went to my stats prep today and found out one guy in my Deviance and Social Control class was kicked out yesterday because he plagurised his paper....or as he put it he only plagurised 3 pages of it and those he switched around!

What a loser, he is a half assed jock who has offered to pay off my stats teacher to just give him an A. Funny thing, he knows if he takes this class in the fall and passes it that will wipe the F off his record, however, I am almost positive this is a class that is only offered every OTHER semester!!! LOL!!!

One last thing, I am really digging the Ain't No Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani. reminds me of being a kid and my neighbors teaching me how to double dutch!It is worming its way into my brain now....must go buy it on iTunes immediately

Knitting is hard core, cool!!!

Originally posted in my LJ so the names are refs to LJ users)

So the Jane Pauly Show is doing an episode on knitting and crafting..

Have I truly gotten to the point where this is better then chocolate?I am actually disappointed I will have to take Juju to Daycare and head to class.....

Since finals start today, I don't really have a class, my stats teacher has offered to let us comein and review for our final Thursday. I don't really need it per se, but I know I should as it is better to be safe then sorry.

I am also lucky as all get out as the very talented paper artist dalbino83 and I are working on a trade for some paper bowls and paper tags...The tags are for the day I get my behind to a craft fair to sell my wears (soaps, necklaces, and skinny scarves) so I can stamp the "company name" and price on the backs for them and some of the tags will be added to soap packaging.I have been focusing on using unusual yarns hand spun and painted using all natural yarns (sheep, alpaca, and so on). Most of the yarns are one of a kind or maybe two of a kind (in which case I try to buy the entire dye lot so I have it all) so I get one to three scarves out of them.

My very first scarf I ever made went to the lovely and generous caitriona27 which has many flaws but was made with uber love!I really like making the scarves long and skinny and nice for almost any weather witht he variations of the knit and chunky factors, giving them the comfy yet chic look.

I am also in the works to get myself a lovely mannequin to model these on for pictures and since the husband and child bought me a fantastic digital camera for Mother's Day (and if I win this ebay auction for the "dummy" I will go pick it up Friday in Asbury Park) I should be adding many pics to the creative_muffin journal for folks to see and critique.

I also found out that dalbino83 friended me, so of course I friended her back! So please welcome her here!

Also, in the small world that is LJ, I was reading dalbino83's post and saw that cyan_blue is also a friend of hers!!!!

Oh yeah, they showed a skinny scarf with a brooch and made the suggestion that you could wear it as a belt...Thanks Jane Pauly!!! LOL great idea!!!and they had a HUGE pair of wooden needles....ok, gotta go now before I get sucked in...and must hit ebay for big wooden needles as I love my 11's in wood!!!!

Have a nice day all!!!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

One Busy Mother's Day!!!

Well it has been a busy Mother's Day.

We technically already celebrated it since they gave me my gift and we went out to dinner Firday knowing D was working today.

Juju and I got up and got busy. We cleaned and organized and went through all our old books and figured out which ones we are donating to the Literacy in Africa project my college is running. This week they are collecting books to be mailed to Afican literacy projects. The average donated book is read y over 25 dif people.

We are donating about 20 books.

We also went through and somewhat organized the dvds, took our antique church pew and finally put it on D's side of the room and set it up all nice and guy like, dusted the bedroom, vacuumed, washed the dustbin in the bathroom, cleaned half the bathroom, organized the entire computer desk and the smaller two drawer next to it, organized our files and important papers bin, partially cleaned the kitchen, moved D's big dresser next to mine and finished the presentation for my social deviance paper (in power point about 20 mins long for tomorrow).

Also, a very old friend got in touch with me today. She was my best friend from high school adn when I left she kind of fell apart. She had some real problems back then and I needed to get away, and not until after I left did I find out just how much she depended on me. She was committed. She had already attempted suicide years earlier adn she was not the threatening type, she just did it out of the blue, no warning, nothing...

I have really missed her over the years and tried to find her a few dif ways, but just a few mths ago she finally joined

I noticed she joined last mth when I did my bimonthly check.
We have sent each other a few messages and I tried to email her but aol kept bouncing it. Well I had sent her a message on classmates giving her my AIM name and well, we connected tonight.

I cannot wait to see her, she has gotten better, though still goofy, but she has a son who is five and she live near Bridgewater!!!

I also spoke to another good friend mother today since I lost ehr hone number when I lost my address book, but today during the cleaning of books I found her parents address and phone number in one of them!

YAY for old friends!

Seems clearing the clutter is bringing in new clarity.....for some reason I want to say there is more, but I cannot remember....

oh yeah gotta go, eastenders is coming on and it is a special one hour episode!!! I will knit and brit drama geek til 12!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Blogging the night away....

Ok, so I love to read good blogs.

I have found a few on my own, but then I found a few more intersting ones via Marie Claire the other day.

My new top blog pics are.... ( a silly piece of tripe tha tmakes me giggle with bad gosisp) ( a blog from an Iraqi woman) (the anti bridget, or real life woman in london and NOT a fictionaly bridget) ( another silly gossipy site done by a mom who is also a dj in Boston. She has four blogs and they are all hysterical, but this one is the best of them...)

Just thought I would share....

So, here I am....

I am back on the getting out the bullshit and in with efficency again...

I have bid on two more yarns on ebay and my three lbs of beeswax should be here in a few days...My mom got her mother's day gift today when I overnighted it yesterday, though it is a touch too small, and she has tiny wrists, so we will be bringing it back to Tiffany's with mine to have them lengthened.

I have been cleaning out my email lists and adding folks who I have been meaning to add for years, also reorganized my ofoto/kodak easy share list....

if anyone on here is in need or want to be on my photo list who is not already added, I update every month to two months, but just got an amazing brand new dig cam for mother's day so I may actually upload pics to ofoto every two weeks!

Ok, so the friends list was trimmed, email list is getting organized, ofoto list updated, need to clean the house tomorroa, write my soc papers (a buttload of them in one day, yuck, I want to vomit thinking of it), pack up a few things that sold on ebay, list some more things for ebay....and so much more, but ah well...I need to get up at a real time so I can get so much done, and drink about 6 cups of coffee to make sure it is done!

Oh and also, I need to squeez in some free time to play that ps2 game katamari is way to fun and Julia plays along, telling me where to go to pick up new itmes int he giant ball!!!As for today, well we went bowling. It was Juju's first time and she had such a great time, until she tripped, fell onto the bowling ball, her molar cut her tounge (and if it had been closer to the edge, she would have lost a chunk, BUT had an awsome story to tell the grand kids) and her chin bruised almost instantly.

Up til that point she loved it and wants to go back.We took a ton of pics with the new cam and even took a long nice quality video with it!

It was such a great day til the accident, btu then we came home when we were done and her tounge had already stopped bleeding (we finished our second game as Juju did not want to leave, but also did not want to lay, so I threw for her. Oh and she actually got a strike...she would push the ball ever so painfully slowly down the lane, but it would knock over so many, so when she got the strike we were amazed, but not too shocked...she got game, yo...

so after we got home, she had a popsicle and felt better and ate, boy did she eat. This is a typical day for Juju and eating....a waffle and milk for breakfast, lunch ( at the bowling alley) half a cheeseburger (it was big), a pickle, a big helping of freedom fries (yes they really call them that there), cheese and nachos ( a big helping), a lot of soda (seriously, this was the only option for drinking there and after she cut her tounge so badly it was helping it to feel well), then when we got home she has a popsicle (to help her tounge some more), then a banana and a piece of bread with water, then dinner a nice sized helping of salsa chicken with rice, then another piece of bread and caprisun, then another banana (half this time) and I think that was it.

She is getting ready to go through a growth spurt so this is common, she eats a whole lot for a few weeks and gets lil chubby spots, then her eating slows way down and she grows about an is just funny to see as she gets bigger her appitite gets bigger....

well I need to go and pick up the mail and have a cigarette as I walk to get I guess that is it for now!!!

Oh by the way, the whole Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes thing is just gross...he is gross, nothing cute about him, he called her to come to his office and he wooed her there while getting ehr car detailed, then took her on his plane for sushi and rode on a bike with him (ala top gun)....


and I wish I could be at the Chanel opening at the costume institute at teh Met Musem of Art.I will be there soon as I LOVE Chanel...Coco is a goddess and her style will be forever...I cannot wait to see the exhibit