Thursday, June 16, 2005


I am off to the craft store...I need 1 inch earring wire and tins....

I will have enough and varied products for my website and craft faires...

This has become fun, I just can't wait to get it running.
And I need to finish the "craft room" because my computer table/beading table is in conflict! the laptop keeps shoving bits onto the floor!

So if anyone needs any crafty things, lemme know now!

I am also going to finish the latest project then back to knitting. I have so much cool knitting stuff. Oh and also need to run to the Co-op to discuss with the manager about me possibly making organic banana breads from scratch for sale there. And possibly some limited scarves! I have way too many ideas and not enough hands or mins!

Monday, June 06, 2005

A Proper Update

I am rather energized right now so this will be done on the fly as I am busy cleaning the home front and getting many many things in order. This process will require at least a week worth of effort while Juju is at school and many a Red Bull to be drunk!

I was rather sick for the last 10 days or more (I go by ten sicne today is the last day of the anti-biotics and I am pretty much all better finally). I did have strep and my abscess was HUGE and nasty. Lots of pain and for those I did speak to, well you heard how awful it sounded. Voice is still scruffy, but way better then before!

Well since we have been back from NC things have been getting back to normal.We have plans for just about every weekend! This past weekend was my brothers going away party since he is moving to San Francisco. I am jealous he is going there. I miss the area, but having a child, I would only move back if we had a home or nice brownstone in Downtown/Haight area. He is driving out there though which double my jealousy, since how many times I have traveled that route going to shows or to SF. I really would go if only I was not terrified to fly back once we got there. Plus I would not make it the whole way. I would eventually kill my brother (sorry Lee, I love you, but to be in a vehicle for that long with you....yeah you just know it would end badly!).

My parents are finally home! It has been really nice to have them here and spend time with them. My mom and I can talk for hours and it is so nice since we are on the same level, we just know how each other thinks and can flip from Christina Onasis and the entire family history right over to the latest styles! I miss that about her. Oscar night she and I spend the whole time on the phone!!!

We also started our organic Co-op! It is really nice and while the harvest this past week was small, the one June 14th should prove much bigger! It is at the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm and it is great. Lee, Juju, Doyle and myself went to pick it up and after a small confusion and readjustment to our new days of Tuesdays. We picked up on how to select our share fromt he group and even got to pick a pint of fresh strawberries from the patch. They were perfection! It was so cool. I cannot wait to get back there on the 14th to see what new stuff we have coming! They will also have flowers for us to picka dn many other berries and pumpkins and so on.....lots of cool stuff for Juju to do as well as get some great fresh food and healthy organic goodies! another cool thing about this is how we will be exposed to all kinds of veggies we have never seen before so Lee bought my mom and cookbook from CSA farms of all kinds of recipies to show us how to prepare them! Wheeee......soo freaking fun!

I have a bunch of movies I am looking forward to seeing in theaters. Dukes of Hazzard, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Madagascar, and a few others. I always had a crush on Bo and Luke, so that will be fun, and Smith, well that looks cool!

For the next weeks we have so many fun plans. Even a freaking Nascar race! LOL!!! We will be heading to the Pocono Raceway this Sunday for the race. We are going with about 2 dozen folks who we are friends with ehre in town. Ten dollars a person is the cost of our own chef for breakfast and lunch BBQ in the infield. Now we are not race fans at all, but we have been reassured this is all about fun and no one ever even cares who wins! We are really looking forward to it!The following weekend we are going to my cousins daughter's graduation party. I cannot believe our lil Boo is old enought to go to college. Kind of freaks me out in a way.

The weekend after that, we will be at the PNC Banck Center down in Mid/Southern NJ for a Celtic Festival. It is free entry, just pay for parking. I think it is two days long, but we are only going for one day, now I have no idea yet what day that is as of now!

The following weekend we will be heading to VT for the fourth of July. We will be there for at least a week. We will leave early Friday morning and come back whenever. We love this trip so much. We go antique shopping, visit old friends of mine up there, hang out at my favorite local bar, go to the symphony, and so much more!

And then I forgot, the weekend following the 4th, my cousin and her family will be arriving at the house in PA they rent for three weeks! Yay. It think D may be heading to WV to see Chad and Little John, but we will see what he can take off first!

We have a lot of stuff happening and we are really looking forward to it. I also have a big ole paper to write for my Indy Study Class about Local anf Federal responses to Terrorism! This will be so easy, but will be great to get it out of the way early!

So I got this Gift Certificate for a Crystal Gel Pedicure from a salon. I finally used it today. Wow, just wow. I usually go to Ha, but had to miss my last appt for no time before the trip to NC, then I was sick, so I never got in, well in the process of sorting and clearing stuff, I found it and decided to try it. Not only it is a pedicure in this thick margirita looking slop, but it is warm and goopy. It feels amazing, then they give you a relflexology massage on your legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders, and upper back and neck and head! It takes about an hour and a half and I mean I am refreshed and rejuvinated. It was simply amazing AND they don't use a razor on your feet ever. They refuse to even have one in their shop because they think it is simply too harsh. I get dry skin, not callouses yet every place I have ever had a pedi they use a razor. Whether you need it or not.

Now I am torn, I love Ha, I really need to go back and see her for my next one, so maybe I will rotate every other one relfexology and then Ha, and so on....I wish Ha did these, but I don't need this kind every time, just every so often, because wow, just freaking wow!!!

I also finally got my replacement sidekick of the one who made the jump for it. So nice to have it back!!! Such a great freaking toy!!!

Well, it is storming here and I have a lot more cleaning to do! See you soon all and have a really nice rest of the day!