Wednesday, November 09, 2005


thy name is Blogger.

I know, I am being naughty, but school is really crunching in on my crafty time this week and what with D finally coming home tomorrow and a MAJOR presentation done as a group (I am in charge of the whole thing and had two of the 6 of us away unti TONIGHT) it has been really hard.

I am working really hard on keeping it all together, BUT this weekend there WILL be knitty things going on.
I have coordinated the 5 stitch marker swap groups, got each 6 in baggies with all their parts, this weekend all I have to do is get the pliers and twistem up, then ship them out!

That is about all I am going to try to do this weekend!
Since the husband is finally home after being away for 32 days, I seem to have no secret pal, school being totally insane with the sheer volume of homework I need to do on a regular basis, AND having the child with me all the time.
I promise I will do craftyness this weekend, why? Because I NEED to! Plus next weeks school load is lighter, so it won't be so bad.

Now back to my homework and coordinating this presentation tomorrow and finish some statistics for sociological research AND finsih my writing assignment for Modern World.
Off to cut cat puke off my texkbok so I can read for tomorrow (hey it is better then rebuying another 80 dollar text!)

I promise blog, you and me, jsut you and me and some crafts soon...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Some things..

So, to day I had hoped to get my craft room organized as I got some new lighting in there and it looks amazing.
But as life would have it, I did other things (slept in for one!)

I took my daughter to get her hair cut and we hit the mall for some walking and mom kid hanging out.

Anyway, here it is late, and Eastenders is on. So rahter then be distracted by trying to make something (with the exception of knitting since I am taking a week break from it), I cannot embroider and watch TV or make stitch markers, so I am bagging up set of markers for me to make at a later date, this way they just need to be twisted up and be done!

So I guess I am crafty, but in the sense of being precrafty crafty!

Ah, well, as I said the Eastenders are on and I have 8 solid episodes to watch until 5am, though I am sure I will pass out way before then!

Nighty night!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Things I need to get sometime soon (yeah cause I am broke, yo)

I need a nice apron for working at craft fairs...something like .....

Love the colors and the vintagey fabric

or something like this....(but with pockets)

I am also in desperate ned of needle cases...

they have to be able to hold a few LARGE sets at least, as I have a bunch of 19's, 17's, 15's...I think the smallest needles I currently own are 9.5 and they are LONG!

like this one

or the ones here on this page....the chinese silk ones, or heck any...

BUT you must scroll down and see the SHEEP measuring tape...the tape comes out the sheeps butt! HA!
I guess that will teach all those scots to keep it in their pants, after all why would a sheep need one coming out unless the ones who went before were a touch on the tiny side!!
Sorry sick scottish humor....

Anyway, these are more for my not losing these sites in the endless bookmarked spots as I really do need these soon, esp a few needle cases...

If I was not so sucky, I would sew some myself, but that is the last project I need to take on as I am trying to get the sewing machine and endless fabrics out of the dining room for the holidays!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Feeling uninspired

Right now, with life and school being as they are, I don't feel like knitting.
Well, I feel like knitting, just not like physically knitting.
I do know what I want to do, just looking for the motivation to do so.

So I purchased some new patterns from
I ordered the Sushi (lucky Cats!!!), Winterland, Krazy Kitchen, and the Cat A Rama.

I need to pull all my floss together and keep it somewhere, a cute bag or something, so it is always handy for when the modd strikes me. I have been feeling the embroidery lately, so maybe if I do that for a few days or a few projects, I can ease into knitting.

I guess being over whelmed with school and life I figure smaller items or projects may keep me going, yet not dedicated to a huge or larger item for now.

I did knit a headband the other day! I will sew the ends and voila, a nice kitche 60's style headband!

yeah for a week or so I think I need to maintain small projects and get a few under my big ole belt to get me back on track!

Just feeling craftily blah for right now, so I have been reading a lot of other knit blogs and they have helped keep me stashing and going in that vein!
Thanks fellow bloggers who have no idea I read them! LOl!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Switch Marker Swap!

So I got my 5 names for Stitch Markers...
I am really looking forward to doing this, in fact, today after I drop Juju off, run to the bookstore to return a book she did not like, then head home, I will clean off the big computer desk, so my Soc homework and make them while doing so!

Too much fun!

I also really feel the urge to make some embroidery!

Must sort that out.

Oh, and must head to Booton to get some more of that dive yarn for the irish hiking scarf project in my future. I have two skeins, but need two more and have to get there so I can get in on that dye lot!

Gah much to do....much to do and it really is a good thing!